Maia Earthworks was birthed in 2021 out of a deep inner resting desire to inspire others in a higher cause.

Maia in Hebrew means Of God/Close To God. 

Earthworks are the magnificent Works of the Earth.

Maia Earthworks sells an array of all natural, handcrafted wellness and body care products.

We are passionate about crafting and sourcing our products with the highest quality ingredients. That means, the ingredients we use are pure, whole and cold-pressed; organic as often as possible. 

Our heart centered mission is to bring you products that embody what wellness is - harmony from the inside out; free of complicated, harmful ingredients. 

Each product we craft and source is made with the Earth in mind. 

We practice integrity and transparency in all of our affairs.

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting our mission. 

Love, Atara